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Our challenge is to take your favorite CRM and make it better, solve a problem or add some functionality, using Nexmo's Verify or Number Insight. You could add second factor authentication to a CRM login, let customers check the status of a ticket using just their phone number as identity, or maybe flag out of date contact numbers.

We're fans of Salesforce, Zoho, and SugarCRM; however, your submission can be for any CRM platform that is open for extensions, integrations, or plugins. All submissions must be opensource and on github, because we want developer to see how useful these APIs are. 

Nexmo Verify makes it easy to verify phone numbers for second factor login, or for validating user provided data. Nexmo Number Insight provides data about a phone number - carriers, roaming status, and more.

Official Docs & Quickstart

Community Provided Libraries



  • Must be the age of majority where you live.
  • Individuals or teams may enter.
  • Nexmo employees may not enter.


  • Link to the OpenSource CRM integration on GitHub
  • README describing what the integration does / how it is used.
  • Description of how Nexmo can test the submission.


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Pick Your Prize!

The winner will receive their choice of one of the following prizes:
1) Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition + Galaxy Note 4
2) Xbox One with Kinect: Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle
3) Parrot BeBop Drone

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  • Register on Challenge Post
  • Check the Verify & Number Insight Documentation
  • Create an integration that uses Verify or Number Insight (or both) and a CRM Platform.
  • Submit your application (and a way for Nexmo to test it) before 11:45PM Monday April 6th (GMT).


Tim Lytle

Tim Lytle
Developer Evangelist, Nexmo

Judging Criteria

  • Best Use of Nexmo
    How well does the integration uses Nexmo's Verify / Number Insight APIs? We want that use to be core to the integration.
  • Seamless Integration
    Does the integration seem seamless to the user? Does it feel like it's part of the CRM platform?
  • Overall Usefulness
    Does this solve a real problem? Does it add a feature that will be used?
  • General Appeal
    Is this for a widely used CRM platform? Is the code easy to apply to other platforms?
  • Quality of Code
    Is the code worth learning from? Could it be cited as an example?

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